I wrote this pattern super quickly a year or two ago with the intention of making a pattern book of 365 patterns. Time sorta got away from me so, I am sharing the base pattern with you now.
I dont have any process photos at the moment, as I wrote this up while making the original Mallard. At some point I will get to adding some helpful photos to this blog post & hopefully soon, I will add a PDF pattern to the shop with a ton of process photos, too. If you do have any questions about the pattern in the meantime, please feel free to DM me on Instagram or shoot me an email.


What you need:

F Hook

Yarn Needle

8mm Safety Eyes

Worsted Weight Yarn in: Green, White, Brown, Greyish Brown, Orange, Yellow


Keep in mind that you are working in the round. After each round, you move onto the next. DO NOT JOIN!


Starting with the head: (In Green)

MC x6

INCx6 around (12)

SC, INC around (18)

SC x18

*you would place safety eyes between these two rows*

SCx 18

-- PLACE 8MM EYES between the last 2 SC rows --

-- Switch to white -- 

SCx 18

-- Switch to brown --

SCx 18

SCx 18

SCx 18

Switch to Brown

SCx 18

SC, Dec around (12)

-- Fill Mallard --

Dec (6)

Fo, weave in ends.

Wings (In Greyish Brown or Beige), Make 2

MC x6

Inc aroung (12)

SC x 12 (12)

Fold together and sc across (makes a half circle)

Feet (In Orange), Make 2

MC x 7


Mouth (In Yellow)

MC x 8



Assembly instructions:

Since the Head & Body is already together, where the rest of the limbs go is pretty easy to figure out :)!

 Beak goes in between the eyes.

Wings go on each side of the mallard's body, right on the white row.

Feet can be placed wherever you prefer, I placed each of mine off center.

And... That is it! You have your very own mini mallard! They are super quick to make, and a great into to those that want to start with small amigurumi.


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