Our commissions are OPEN!
Want a custom plush, unique accessory, or clothing just for you?
We just might be able to do that for you!
Please read all the terms and conditions for our commissions below.

By commissioning me in any form, you agree to the following policies.


Artist Rights

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason. I will likely give you the reason for it (such as I am uncomfortable with the subject matter or think it is out of my skill range) but I do not have to provide a reason.

- I reserve the right to exclusive use of the images I take of your commission. You may not post or share my images without express written permission. If you wish to take pictures of your own to post or share elsewhere, credit must be given to me for the subject matter.

- I reserve the right to cancel any commission at any time for any reason. In the event I must do this due to a problem on my end, I will provide a full refund. If I cancel due to a problem on your end (for example: you can't pay the full amount until a year later), you will be refunded what you have paid minus materials.

- NSFW is fine BUT, please do not tag me online if you are to post it. I am the least judgemental person you'll ever meet, but I do not want future employers or graduate schools denying me due to NSFW art.

Materials and Allergy Warnings

- I have two dogs who like to follow me while I work.. My dogs are not allowed to lay on/near my materials but they are rambunctious and love cuddles which may result in fur sticking to my clothing from time to time. Of course I will be very careful with your commision, and avoid getting even a single strand of fur on the project but, I cannot guarantee my projects are 100% free of all dog allergens.

- I use high quality, all new materials when I make plushies. 99% of my basic supplies are synthetic (acrylic, polyester). If you have allergens to certain materials or metals, please let me know before commissioning me.



The minimum amount due for any type of commission before I begin is 50% payment upfront. 

- I accept payment through PayPal and money orders. I WILL NOT accept cash in the mail. Not only is it actually illegal and can result in confiscation of the money, it's really dangerous for business. I don't want to look like a thief if it disappears in the mail!

- Payment is normally done in no less than two installments--the first for the minimum amount due, and the second for the final payment and shipping.

- Delay for the first payment may be no more than one week long. If you exceed this time, your slot may be given to another person or forfeited in general to speed up other commissions.

- Final payment is due upon the completion of the plush. As long as you are in contact with me, we can agree on a delay of up to three months if you can't afford to pay at that time. However, if I do not hear from you for two months from the first point of final contact, and repeated attempts at contact are futile, you forfeit your deposit and I reserve the right to resell your plush to make up for lost wages.

- I can do rush orders for as short a deadline as two weeks. The fee will be depending on how close the deadline you need is, up to an additional 50% of the overall cost. You will need to pay for faster shipping as well if you so choose. Please be mindful of the timelines of certain holidays. If you ask me on December 5th for me to make and get a plush to you by the 24th, it's not likely to occur with the slow rate of holiday shipping.

The minimum amount due for any type of commission before I begin is 50% payment upfront. 

- Payment plans can be arranged. Project will not be started until the required minimum amount is reached, and will not be shipped until it is paid in full. 

- For customers under 18 years of age, I prefer money orders due to problems with parents filing charge backs on their credit/debit cards. Note if you choose not to pay with a money order, if the person whose card you used files a charge back, you will NOT be refunded any money if I win the charge back, NOR will your plush be sent out. I am likely to refuse future commissions from you as well, so choose wisely.

References and Changes After Starting

- I prefer references for all commissions so I know what you want. Though, please understand that some stylistic changes might occur due to the type of craft and how yarn can be manipulated. 

- I respect OTHER artists rights and WILL NOT copy someone else's ideas or styles. Acceptable use of other's work for references would be like "I like the material on [this] plush's accessory." or "The size of [this] head is perfect."  If you link me to a reference to someone else's work and ask "Can you make me a pony like this?" or "Can you try to replicate [this] airbrushing technique?", I will tell you no. 

- If you need to change an aspect about your commission after I have started, there will be an extra fee evaluated on a case by case basis. Some changed elements (like slightly altered hair-styles or accessory removal) might not incur any extra fees as long as I have not started on that element.



- I ship in the cheapest manner possible to save you money. This is often Priority Mail through USPS but may also be First Class for smaller/lighter things. If you would like me to use another carrier or faster service, you will need to state this BEFORE you pay for shipping.

- I do ship internationally to all countries that allow imports of US goods. Any import taxes is the commissioner's responisbility to pay for, and I accept no responsibility for delays or damage caused by customs. *The one exception to this rule is Italy. They bar the import of "all sewn goods" and "toys not made entirely of wood". I apologize for this inconvenience, but I don't want all my hard work to be destroyed in customs because it's not allowed, and I'm sure you don't want to spend $200+ on the plush and shipping for it to be destroyed too. I'll be happy to send it to another address in a close country where you may drive to retrieve it.

- I have no control over the postal system. Insurance is the responsibility of the commissioner to pay for. If you wish to add insurance to your shipping, you will need to state this BEFORE you pay for shipping. If you do not purchase insurance and your plush gets lost or damaged in the mail, I will NOT refund you.

- Import fees are the responsibility of the commissioner. I can claim only the cost of materials for you to help avoid higher fees, but I will not send the package as a "gift". 

- If a plush is returned to me due to an incorrect or undeliverable address and this is due to the commissioner's fault, the commissioner will have to pay me to ship it out again.

- A "handling" fee will be incorporated in the shipping estimate. This is to cover all the supplies of shipping such as a box and bubble wrap. This is normally between $3-$5 of the estimate. So if you pay $15 in shipping, but your box is only post marked for $11, I promise not trying to swindle you. Shipping supplies cost money too.

Turnaround Time

- I tend to take my time so my full focus is on your commision. If you are impatient, please don't commission me. And of course,I am happy to give you pictures and updates any time I am asked and I will ALWAYS be honest with your progress.

- If you absolutely need a plush by a certain date, please be sure to let me know of this BEFORE I accept your commission. If given enough time, you need not pay for a rush fee.

- If you would like your plush to be given priority or a guarantee of a date, consider paying your commission in full or adding a tip onto your total. I only work for minimum wage, so any time someone lets me work for more  or hands me my full paycheck early, I'm more inclined to rush things for them.

Refunds and Returns

- A full refund may only be issued if I have not purchased materials. 

- If I have purchased materials but not started on the plush, a refund minus materials may be issued.

- If I have started on the plush, a refund minus materials cost and what labor I have already done may be issued. Note that if labor has exceeded what has been paid already, no refund will be issued.

- If a plush arrives damaged, you may pay for return shipping and repairs. I will open an insurance claim on your behalf if you provide pictures of the UNOPENED damaged box. I will then refund you for return shipping once if the insurance claim processes. Alternatively, I can also instruct you how to repair the plush yourself.

- If you simply do not like the result of your plush once it's posted or after it arrives, no refunds will be issued. I am sending photos and keeping in contact with you throughout your entire commisson so, there is zero reason this should happen. You can pay to return it if you like, but I will still not issue a refund.

Handling and Care

- My plushies are absolutely meant to be cuddled if you so choose, but they are still handmade. Rough handling is not recommended, and I am not responsible for any damages due to general wear and tear. I will be happy to repair any plush I've made for a fee.

- Never machine wash any plush. Surface washing only is recommended. 

Re-selling Policies

If you catch yourself in a bad spot and need to sell your plush, I am fine with this AS LONG AS you only sell it for the same price or less than you purchased it for. YOU MAY NOT make a profit off of my work. Obviously if you put work into it you can resell it for whatever you want as long as I'm given credit for the original piece.