FREE PATTERN: Easy Velvet Scrunchie

I wanted to add my pattern for my velvet scrunchies here since I plan on switching website hosts soon. Please, Enjoy! 

With the new wave of the importance of accessories in the fashion industry, Scrunchies have definitely made a comeback! Here is a quick and easy pattern to make ouchless velvet scrunchies.


Why Velvet? 

Velvet is extremely soft on the hair &  brings a unique look to your scrunchies. It’s classy and at the same time, perfect just to throw on if you need to put your hair up!


The Shorthand: 

SC = Single Crochet 

DC = Double Crochet

F.O = Finish Off


What you need:

If Bernat Baby Velvet or Lion Brand Vel-Luxe:

  • I Hook (5.5mm)

  • Ouchless/No Metal Hair Ties. I use GOODY Ouchless

  • Scissors

  • Yarn Needle

If Bernat Velvet or Similar Weight:

  • J Hook (6.0mm)

  • Ouchless/No Metal Hairties. I use GOODY Ouchless

  • Scissors

  • Yarn Needle

  • Around the Hairband, SC x 22-25 (depending on how ruffley you want your scrunchie). Join with first stitch.

    Chain 2. In next stitch, DC x 3.

  • In the next Stitch, DC x4.

  • You will repeat this sequence all the way around the hairband- DC x 3 in one stitch, DC x 4 in the next. When you get back to the start, Join with first stitch & F.O. Weave in your ends & cut off the excess.


    Annnnddd… Thats it! Super easy & Super Gorgeous!! These are definitely quick to make & a best seller at craft shows, conventions, and fairs. They also make great freebies for orders if you’re into that!


  • If you make one (or many) of your own, I would LOVE to see them! Please tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can share your work too! 

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    This pattern, including text and photos, are copyright to Yarn Circus & Do not redistribute, repost, or resell this pattern in any type of way as it is against the law. Please feel free to sell your finished items in a small scale as long as you credit back to Yarn Circus as the original designer on your online listings and tags at in-person shows. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me through the CONTACT page.

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